Reflective Personal Development Essay

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The date of attending such training sessions should also be made a part of the record, so it gets easier for them and you to assess whether a certain course requires to be renewed or updated.

In addition to this, on your appraisal, you may request further training so as to contribute better to your working role.

Utilizing this principle, Kolb has devised a learning cycle to promote better use of individual’s skills and knowledge.

The learning stages include: Therefore, reflective observation helps us to assess and implement decisions after resolving the uncertain circumstances involved.

Similarly, the health and social care sector can also be regarded as the job areas stemming from the reflection on personal development.

Now the question arises that on a broad spectrum, how can one indulge him or herself in personal development in health and social care sector?Fifth Principle- Utilise the Knowledge Imparting Practises to Contribute to Personal Development Scrutinize Your Performance You should assess how the learning techniques have helped you improve and induced better job performance.Also, think if the training has helped you develop a sense of confidence and the other set of immaculate attributes, such as trustworthiness.In addition to this, you should share with him the outcome of undertaking a certain training or course.Also, you should discuss your shortcomings and explore the avenues which can help you grow better professionally.Also, it must be obligatory on your part to immediately respond to medical emergencies and devise appropriate treatment solutions.In addition to these requirements, you should abide by all policies and instructions to ensure that all medical protocols are followed to the tee.However, the idea of personal development is not only about the self-development but also involves activities to develop good conditions for others.For instance, the professions of teaching, counseling, and managerial jobs can create and impart an impression on others.Similarly, you are liable to be under the supervision of a clinical supervisor or the emergency care practitioner.Also, you should consider the possibility of operating a vehicle with immense care in case of an emergency.


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