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They are the preferred plastics by the recycling companies because they are very easy and simple to recycle.Upon recycling, they can be used in the manufacturing of new plastic bottles and containers, life jackets, bags, ropes, combs, etc.

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This way you are very much involved as well as gathering experience which is very important for when you start up your own plastic recycling factory.

Knowledge is very necessary for any business venture you want to go into.

Another method you can use for collecting plastic bottles is by noting event centres that are always in business or even any event centre at all.

Events involve a lot of drinking of both water and other drinks which most times comes in plastic bottles.

Do not fail to do this for your plastic recycling business, as this principle applies to every business venture, plastic recycling included.

In this article we are going to focus on the gathering and the distribution or supply of plastic recyclables to factories where they would be recycled.Now think of all the fast food joints and restaurants in your neighborhood and even beyond and you’ll know that you are in business.All you need to do is have an arrangement with the cleaners or something of the staff and all plastic bottles will be reserved for you to come pickup.Their work will be to be pushing the trucks from street to street gathering as much plastic bottles as they can find which will not be difficult as people are in the habit of littering the streets with them.When they have gathered enough for the day or when their truck is full they will then go to a venue you have already marked out to offload them. They can go for as many times in a day as possible or that they feel up to. That is they are usually paid daily and not monthly.While some businesses can only be started with a huge capital, others can be started with a small capital, however plastic recycling business is really capital intensive and has to be started with a lot of capital.To start a business of plastic recycling you need to have around 25 million Naira that is approximately ,000.In addition you can collect these plastic bottles from restaurants and fast-foods.Ofcourse food at restaurants and fast foods are served with water and drinks which of course come in plastic bottles most of the time.You might say that’s a too much but that’s exactly the point and the reason why a lot of people will rather not get involved in the business.It is pretty expensive to set up a plastic recycling factory and to buy all the necessary equipments, machines and materials needed for the recycling in addition to hiring and paying staff as well as the general maintenance of the factory. Well, we have good news and that is that there is actually a way to start small in the industry without necessarily setting up a factory.


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