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Research Findings Research support for the use of real-life situations (or simulations of these) in classroom instruction continues to increase as the technologies for bringing real-life situations into the classroom become more available to teachers.

The leading research group in the United States using anchored instruction to increase students' problem solving skills is located at Vanderbilt University. For example, many students who have studied mathematics are unable to apply it in solving problems in chemistry and physics.

Guidance in using videodiscs and CD-ROMs is programmed and controlled by a computer that directs students' attention and frequently requires students to make decisions about their own learning.

Effective programs, particularly at the secondary and college levels, show that student achievement and attitudes improve with their use, and that in some cases interactive videodiscs are an effective substitute for conventional laboratory experiences such as dissections in biology.

One reason proposed for this lack of transfer is that problem solving and learning have not taken place in real-world contexts.

The use of videotapes, DVDs and CD-ROMs depicting real-life situations or simulations of these (either alone or in tandem with computers) makes it much more feasible to teach using real-world situations. Describes problem-based learning (PBL) as a science teaching approach that combines both school and real-world science.Explains how to design an ill-structured problem considering local, state, and national standards; finding and preparing data; implementing PBL in the classroom; and its benefits and student assessment.DVDs using simulations of real-world problem-solving situations, developed to improve students' mathematics and science problem-solving skills, have been used successfully by middle school students at several different sites.Although results indicate no difference in standardized test achievement, this finding was considered to be positive because time normally spent on conventional instruction was reduced to allow for the use of the problem-solving videodiscs, which did have a positive effect on students' problem-solving skills.Classroom teachers very carefully structured the instruction surrounding the use of the videodiscs, and this appears to be an important factor in the use of technology in the classroom.In addition, children can answer their questions about real-world phenomena by using the Internet to collect data.Critical Thinking as a Citizenship Competence: Teaching Strategies Learning and Instruction, Vol. First empirical research into the question which instructional strategies are 'effective' in enhancing critical thinking is reviewed.Characteristics of instruction that are assumed to enhance critical thinking are: paying attention to the development of the epistemological beliefs of students; promoting active learning; a problem-based curriculum; stimulating interaction between students; and learning on the basis of real-life situations.The future (and even the today) of learning is constructivist design and development of collaborative and cooperative learning situations in powerful integrated electronic environments.Using a Science/Technology/Society Approach to Prepare Reform-oriented Science Teachers: the Case of a Secondary Science Methods Course.


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