Rationale Of A Research Paper

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Of the federal funding, $383.5 million came from USDA through formula and other funds and $45.4 million came through USDA competitive grants (see Appendix A).

Given the pressure on states to fund state respon- sibilities that are continuously increasing, they will almost certainly not tee able to increase their proportion of research funding.

Since 1972, only about 30 percent of the states' re- search funding has come from all federal sources (about two-thirds of that from USDA).

In 1988, when total funding for state research was $1,674 million, the states themselves provided $822.8 million, the federal gov- emment $577.3 million, and industry $99 million; the remainder came from sales and other income.

This chapter presents the rationale for all aspects of the proposal except for that on program areas and sci- entific opportunities (which are discussed in Chapter 51: · Support for fundamental science is mainly a fed- eral responsibility.

The agricultural, food, and environmental re- search system requires a substantial increase in fund- ing to conduct the needed research programs and to cover the necessary program areas adequately.

The food and the paper and forest products indus- tnes fall within a group of industries in which R&D investments are relatively low (see Table 3.1~.

These two industries spent 9.4 and 10.3 percent, respec- tively, of pretax profits on R&D in 1987.

An overview of the challenges is contained in Chapter 4; a brief synopsis of each follows: Competitiveness and strong economic perform- ance are crucial for the economic vitality of U. agriculture and for agriculture's capacity to provide low-cost, nutritious food to consumers: increasing the efficiency and profitability of the food, fiber, and processing industries; reducing the environmental costs of such actions as pesticide use and waste manage- ment; making available, and using, modern equip- ment and technology that have state-of-the-art control and management systems and sensors.

Contributing to human health and well-being is the goal of the entire agricultural and food system: increasing the nutrient availability of all foods; mak- ing optimally nutritious foods conveniently available to all Americans even while social patterns are chang- ing; and elucidating the full relationship between diet and health.


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