Quotations On Essay Dignity Of Labour

Jesus speaks a lot about work, while much of this is in parables, we shouldn’t restrict interpretations of these parables to be only spiritual ones.

Work is, indeed, necessary for every good thing achieved.

And can you expect a good result in the examination, if you take your studies lightly and fail to burn the mid night oil?

More When the G20 world leaders came together in London in spring of 2009, the world was in the process of being pulled back from the brink of finanicial destruction.

The previous famous gathering was of the G8 at Gleneagles at which the “Make Poverty History” campaign was directed.

There is no disgrace in helping a teacher to carry books, or lifting a load for a labourer or helping a blind man cross the road, or playing with a weeping child to keep him in good humour.

Quotations On Essay Dignity Of Labour

No work is inferior and so no person, who himself does any work, is to be looked down upon.Read more about Dignity in Work here The condition of the workers is the question of the hour.It will be answered one way or another, rationally or irrationally, and which way it goes is of the greatest importance to the state.According to a common belief, God sends everyone in this world with two hands and a hidden trait that is his real treasure to serve others with, in addition to earning his own livelihood.He expects everyone to work hard and contribute to the progress of the country and the well-being of others by working continuously and joyfully.Do not despise to keep the class neat and tidy, or to plant a sapling.Many people wrongfully shy away from helping others merely because they consider the job below their dignity.Both of these ideas are contrary to the biblical view of work.We understand work as something intrinsically good, we are co-creators of Gods world and work is part of our contribution.Dignity in work also touches upon work life balance, in some places cultures where people are expected to give more and more to their employers to the determent of other spheres of our lives.The keystone of this is the importance of the Sabbath, but the principle extends to other areas of our lives and has implications for how we use our own time and how we mange the work of others in our employment.


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