Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

Clare argues that they have a moral and legal right to separate to seek out sexual fulfillment in another relationship.According to Clare, all people have a right, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, to the “pursuit of happiness.” Men and women are not “bound” by their marriage vows if they cease to experience happiness; they are free to pursue fulfillment elsewhere.Perhaps it is a conservative notion that one must discipline one’s passions or impulses to achieve “happiness” for the community at large, but it would seem to me to be an appropriate one and one also that the founders of the American experiment accepted.

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Lewis, of course, discovers that this is not really what they mean.

He argues that society “bridles” other passions through the law in the interests of community.

In it, he writes about an emerging issue in culture and even offers thoughts on the American Declaration of Independence.

In this short essay, Lewis takes on a growing concept in the West in the mid-20th century that human beings have a “right to sexual happiness.” In the essay, Lewis conveys that he is having a discussion with a female friend, Clare, who is convinced that men and women, even though they are married, have a basic right to separate from their spouse if they are no longer experiencing sexual fulfillment in the marriage relationship.

The urgency in his moves is well-captured, for he knows he had to get it right, for this journey on the cab could well be a ticket to the journey of his life itself.

To me that scene in the cab summed up the movie – try, try and try again.The wealthy capitalist is limited by the American tax code (at least in theory) in his or her ultimate pursuit of happiness through the acquisition of material possessions.A man or woman is honored by society for bravery if he or she overcomes the “instinct” of self-preservation.His research has focused on the American Civil War and Reconstruction, 19th-century American political/quantitative history, and the history of the southern United States. Baker has taught classes at George Fox as professor of history. So, initially, couldn’t he sell it because he didn’t try hard enough or because he knew that even if he didn’t sell it there was a way out with his wife doing two shifts at work?It seems even weirder because the movie seems to focus on the strength of trying despite failures, on Chris’ unwavering perseverance and determination.Two scenes in the movie actually reflect this very well: first, when Chris gets a chance to impress his future employer, in 10 to 20 minutes on a cab ride.As the cab races to the destination, Chris struggles with the Rubik’s cube, turning it round and round desperately.Juan Williams, in an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “The Tragedy of America’s Disappearing Fathers,” noted that “it is now common to meet young people in our big-city schools, foster care homes and juvenile centers who do not know their dads.” In the United States, the out-of-wedlock birth rate is roughly 40 percent.It is a problem that hits whites, African-Americans and Hispanics.


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