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Scott notes that “fierce” conversations are not hostile, angry, menacing, or cruel; rather, they are robust, intense, strong, powerful, and passionate.

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This continues during the summer, during which my range of spending expands to other things such as movies and restaurants.

In addition to all these things, throughout the year I tend to spend a fair amount of my own money on girlfriend, perhaps even more than I spend on myself. The money I make during a summer job is able to last me through the entire school year, and I rarely feel like I’m in a situation where I am low on cash.

Although I have not had many of these kinds of conversations, there is one example that immediately comes to mind that has had a tremendously positive impact on my relationship with my younger sister.

This specific conversation took place over a year ago and paved the way for future “fierce” and successful conversations.

Ultimately, I never spend too much and I always find a way to make the funds back, so I don’t let money concern me.

Though I don’t let money concern me in the present, I would not say that my life satisfaction is completely unrelated to it.

This time I asked my sister what was really going on with school and for the first time she gave me a real answer.

Through tears she shared with me how lost she was feeling, how she didn’t feel like any of her friends really respected her or knew her, how she felt like she was wasting her time and our parents money at school because she didn’t know what she wanted out of life.

Even as I’m comfortable with what little income I have now, I know that I possibly want to have a family in the future, and in order to do that I’ll need to have a sizable income to support one.

This means that even now I need to think about what kind of job I’ll have, what kind of income I want to make, whether or not this is a realistic goal, etc.


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