Psychology Essay On Classical Conditioning

When Little Albert was just over 11 months old, the white rat was presented, and seconds later the hammer was struck against the steel bar.

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The implications of classical conditioning in the classroom are less important than those of operant conditioning, but there is a still need for teachers to try to make sure that students associate positive emotional experiences with learning.It is more likely that behavior is due to an interaction between nature (biology) and nurture (environment).A strength of classical conditioning theory is that it is scientific.Over the next few weeks and months, Little Albert was observed and ten days after conditioning his fear of the rat was much less marked.This dying out of a learned response is called extinction.For example, a person (CS) who has been associated with nice perfume (UCS) is now found attractive (CR).Also, chocolate (CS) which was eaten before a person was sick with a virus (UCS) now produces a response of nausea (CR).It could also explain why some students show a particular dislike of certain subjects that continue throughout their academic career.This could happen if a student is humiliated or punished in class by a teacher.In basic terms, this means that a stimulus in the environment has produced a behavior / response which is unlearned (i.e., unconditioned) and therefore is a natural response which has not been taught.In this respect, no new behavior has been learned yet.


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