Psychology Critical Thinking Questions

Psychology Critical Thinking Questions-27
This challenge requires them to synthesize and integrate existing theory as well as devise new insights into the behavior.

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As a result of experiencing such strong individual differences in interpretation, students may learn to be appropriately less confident of their immediate conclusions, more tolerant of ambiguity, and more likely to propose alternative explanations.

As they acquire a good understanding of scientific procedures, effective control techniques, and legitimate forms of evidence, they may be less likely to fall victim to the multitude of off-base claims about behavior that confront us all.

In advanced courses we can justifiably ask students to selecting the most useful or rejecting the least helpful.

For example, students can contrast different models to explain drug addiction in physiological psychology.

Encourage practice in accurate description and interpretation of behavior by presenting students with ambiguous behavior samples.

Ask them to distinguish what they observe (What is the can be a good resource for refining observation skills.

Beginning students must first learn what the scientific method entails.

The next step is to apply their understanding of scientific method by identifying design elements in existing research.

Collaboration in my department and with other colleagues over the years has persuaded me that we need to approach critical thinking skills in a purposeful, systematic, and developmental manner from the introductory course through the capstone experience, propose that we need to teach critical thinking skills in three domains of psychology: practical (the “jerk avoidance” function), theoretical (developing scientific explanations for behavior), and methodological (testing scientific ideas).

I will explore each of these areas and then offer some general suggestions about how psychology teachers can improve their purposeful pursuit of critical thinking objectives.


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