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Pseudosciences are often selective with facts, selecting results that suit their needs.Peer reviewing and replication are essential to science, so any experiment that does not allow this process cannot be taken seriously. If researchers into ESP and telekinesis follow the scientific method, and accept results for what they are, then their work can be classed as science.

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Now, many fields such as herbalism, acupuncture, and chiropractics follow the protocols of scientific research.

They are often classed as genuine fields, or indeed proto-science.

Unfortunately, many pseudo researchers in this field distort findings and try to fit the results to their theory, rather than using them to try to refine hypotheses.

The Atkins diet is another example of verification error, resulting in potentially dangerous practices.

Pseudoscience often uses the media as a first stop, rather than submitting their work for peer review.

No genuine researcher would dream of publishing their results until they had passed all of the rigors of the scientific method.Acupuncture, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Reflexology are good examples.Physicians and consultants often refer patients, believing that there may be some benefit if these therapies are used alongside regular medicine.The fact that these methods are also prepared to subject their methods to scientific debate often earns them the name of proto-science.Pseudoscience is often about making money, through selling books, claiming that the research is something that science cannot explain.Astrology, Intelligent Design, Occult Studies and Phrenology are examples of quasi-sciences.That is not to denigrate these beliefs, but they are not sciences, whatever the proponents claim, and they do not belong in the science classroom. For example, researchers into extra-sensory perception and the power of the mind do perform scientific tests.For example, the pyramid scam selling e-books claiming that water used in your car engine saves gas is physically impossible.Scientists often finds other explanations than those of the pseudoscience.We revisit Rahimi and Recht (2007)'s kernel random Fourier features (RFF) method through the lens of the PAC-Bayesian theory.While the primary goal of RFF is to approximate a kernel, we look at the Fourier transform as a prior distribution over trigonometric hypotheses.


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