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One of the major waste disposal problems is attributed to the generation of too much waste.America alone is responsible for the producing of about 220 million tons of waste annually.Recycling technologies such as plasma arc, gasification, and pyrolysis are often marked as “green” but the truth of the matter is that they are not 100% green.

Since waste disposal and management has become a profit making venture, those who advocate for safe, quality and proper management of waste disposal are outmatched by industries in the business.

Large enterprises in the waste disposal business dictate all aspects of the market from operating landfills, sewer systems and incinerators to recycling facilities.

Because waste disposal involves a myriad of processes such as collection, transportation, dumping, recycling, or sewage treatment among other waste product monitoring and regulation measures, there are lots of problems associated with waste disposal.

Here are the common waste disposal problems and their solutions.

Most of the products contain hazardous and health-threatening chemicals. There are even products known to contain toxic chemicals, such as Biphenyl-A (BPA) – often present in plastic toys, but they are still poorly regulated.

Packaging is also one of the biggest and rapidly enlarging categories of solid waste which accounts for 30% of MSW and approximately 40% of the waste is plastic which is never biodegradable.

Avoidance and waste reduction involves techniques such as repair of broken things instead of buying new, purchasing and re-using second-hand items, and designing reusable and recyclable products.

An effective strategy for municipal waste disposal and management can offer improved solutions for the various problems associated with waste materials.

The majority of the state and local authority legislations are generally lax on regulating the ever-expanding manufacturing industries.

On a daily basis, these industries produce toxic products that end up getting thrown away after use. EPA indicates that more than 60,000 untested chemicals are present in the consumer products in our homes.


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