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For example, in the 'Job-Transport-Money' problem, there are strong connections between all the elements.By looking at all the relationships between the key elements, it appears that the problem is more about how to achieve any one of three things, i.e.

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In his works, he recommended that the impact happens because the lenses were spherical—light striking at an angle couldn’t be focused as a result of contrasts in refraction.

Isaac Newton was allegedly stumped in his endeavors to solve the problem (which wound up known as a circular variation), as was Gottfried Leibniz.

In 1949, Wasserman and Wolf devised an analytical method for portraying the problem and gave it an official name—the Wasserman-Wolf problem.

They recommended that the best way to deal with the problem is to use two aspheric adjacent surfaces to address aberrations.

Looking at the problem in terms of goals and barriers can offer an effective way of defining many problems and splitting bigger problems into more manageable sub-problems.

Sometimes it will become apparent that what seems to be a single problem, is more accurately a series of sub-problems.

Goals can be listed in order of importance and barriers in order of difficulty.

Separate lists could be made of related goals or barriers.

Over-complicated diagrams will just confuse and make the problem harder to understand.

Listing the elements of a problem can also help to represent priorities, order and sequences in the problem.


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