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Fisher and Murray summarise the essentials of this approach in their book, In most instances to ask a negotiator, ‘who’s winning’ is as inappropriate as to ask who’s winning a marriage.If you ask that question about your marriage, you have already lost the most important negotiation – the one about what kind of game to play, about the way you deal with each other and your shared and differing interests.

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However, do not underestimate the British love of plotting (evidenced by the fact that one of Britain’s national heroes, Guy Fawkes, was a man who tried to blow up Parliament).

Be aware that the woolly exterior may in fact conceal a considerable capacity for ruthlessness when needed.

Negotiation Negotiation style refers to the personal behaviour the negotiator uses to carry out the strategy that he/she has chosen.

Three main styles of negotiation have been identified, and these are usually referred to as cooperative, adversarial and problem-solving.

This table below briefly summarises how these differences affect the way American and British people use English in negotiations.

Note that the USA and UK are selected here purely on the basis that they are the most prominent English-speaking countries.The difference between them is the degree to which the cooperative negotiator is prepared to work with the other side in resolving the differences between them.By contrast, the stereotypical adversarial negotiator is a tough and aggressive advocate whose aim is victory by defeating the opponent, in much the same manner as he or she might do in court.The main features of the three main styles of negotiation are summarised in the table below: Adversarial and cooperative styles of negotiation can be regarded as different forms of positional bargaining.In effect, both styles draw on the principle that the negotiators are opponents.So, what are the qualities that make a good negotiator?As a negotiator, you’ll find yourself in different settings, and dealing with different issues.The process of carrying out such preparation can be divided into five key steps, as follows.Without a sound grasp of the facts and the applicable law, effective negotiation is impossible.British negotiators often like to present themselves as diplomatic amateurs.They often appear to ‘muddle through’ negotiations without any clear idea of what they wish to achieve.


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