Problem Solving Essay Smoking

Smoking causes 440,000 premature deaths per year, and 8.6 million people currently suffer from smoking-related illnesses.

Additionally, more than 900 infant deaths result from smoking during pregnancy per year.

Root cause analysis must first distinguish between the problems caused by smoking and those that lead to smoking.

These are two separate (albeit, related) issues that each need to be considered individually in order to come to productive solutions.

Here, we limit our analysis to cigarette smoking in the United States.

Finally, root cause analysis asks how the issue in question impacts the organization’s goals.

For the purposes of this particular root cause analysis in which smoking is the issue, we take the organization to be the United States. Safety, the environment, productivity, and financial health/solvency are important to any country; in this section, we see how they are affected by smoking.

A country’s safety goal includes having a healthy population.

Thus, focusing first exclusively on the problems caused by smoking, we can note the three “problems”–death, disease, and medical costs–on the first line.

When conducting root cause analysis of any such issue, the facilitator anticipates that the group may disagree about the problems and writes down all three responses without judging or evaluating any of them.


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