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Opponents strongly disagree and claim that sport and trophy hunting is inhumane, cruel, and unnecessary activity, especially given the abundance of food.In my opinion, hunting for pleasure should be prohibited because it is unacceptable from the ethical point of view.

Consequently, I want to restate that when the overall picture of wildlife and natural environments is taken collectively from the standpoint of their health and well being, hunters are among the greenest people in the nation today. The proportion of hunters in the general population has declined steadily over the last four decades, going from 11% in 1960 to 8.3% by 1990 to about 6% in 2001. Another disturbing demographic aspect about hunters is that the actual number of Americans who hunt is declining at an even steeper rate than the percentage.

Almost any statistic you can find about hunting reveals that the U. One explanation is that the number of young people who hunt decreases every year.

This requires that a diversity of natural habitats be kept intact, unpolluted, and undisturbed. The taxes from hunting activities go to the states or to the federal government for such purposes as enhancing wildlife habitat, managing and maintaining parks and wildlife refuges, and conducting surveys and research to determine the status of not only game but also some nongame species.

So, hunters contribute in a big way to benefiting natural environments.

People cannot kill defenseless animals only for fun, especially when the environment is under immense pressure from the uncontrolled human activity. Please do not copy anything from this sample, since it is in the open access and using its fragments will be regarded as plagiarism by your university.

Happily, there are many more peaceful hobbies that do not affect the nature, such as bird hunting, photography, safari, etc. However, if you like the way our writers compose essays, you may turn to us for assistance right now.

Animals die in pain and suffering, and their meat and fur are often used for profit.

Even when hunters eat their pray, their actions are not justifiable because they have plenty of other food to eat.

Some hunters kill animals only for a trophy, which is appalling.

They decorate their houses with stuffed animals, who died only to satisfy someone’s perverse sense of style.


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