Pro Cloning Essay

Yet it is still important to examine the consequences and the likelihood of this scenario.

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Although this procedure had been attempted for decades, Dr.

Ian Wilmut and colleagues at the Roslin Institute in Scotland were able to create conditions that allowed the adult cell nucleus to reprogram its DNA, enabling their success with Dolly.

It is here that concerns are loudly voiced and take up headlines in the media.

The public and the medias views on the future of cloning often ignore some of its potential benefits: The cloning of human embryos for reproductive purposes is illegal at this time.

Some of the same issues that arose from in vitro fertilization will be revisited (e.g., infertile couples, replacing the death of an infant).

Cloning has opened many doors that could lead to remarkable medical advancements but, as with all new technologies, it will be accompanied by ethical and social dilemmas.

These results make it unacceptable to attempt human cloning at this moment in time.

The ethical and social issues that will arise in the future when more efficient methods are developed leave some time for a resolution.

Success with the technique, however, has not been easy in these animals (less than 2% efficiency) and barely achievable in other species such as chickens, monkeys and dogs.

The significance of the first cloned mammal, Dolly, was that for the first time cloning was achieved from an adult (differentiated) cell.


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