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The paper industry is also one of the lowest emitters of greenhouse gas emissions as compared to other major industrial industries. Pulp can be made from either virgin fiber, typically from wood, or from paper products recovered for recycling.

Printing and writing paper has a unique role in everyday life that adds value and creates a connection in ways other forms of communication cannot.

From 105 AD, to today and to the future, paper play an important role in society.

The cleaning process further removes any unwanted particles and debris like any dirt or dust.

The pulp then goes through a series of rollers where the water is squeezed and evaporated out, helping to dry out the pulp.

Paper offers reliability and security that online documents have difficulty providing.

With paper, security breaches are decreased, and online hacking is not a concern.The grades differ from one another based on how they are manufactured and their unique properties.The different grades of printing and writing paper reflect the technical needs of varying products and how they will be used.Though lignin is removed during the washing process, some lignin remains together with the fiber and at this stage it has a natural brown color.At this stage, the pulp is bleached, further separating the cellulose fibers from the lignin, increasing fiber strength while creating a bright white color.In the chemical process, wood chips (virgin fiber) are cooked using in essentially a pressure cooker known as a digester.The wood fiber is separated into cellulose fibers, lignin (the wood glue that holds the tree together) and other substances such as sugars.The stone is sprayed with a stream of water to remove fibers from the pulp stone and to prevent fiber damage.Screening the pulp removes oversized and unwanted chunks or pieces from the slurry, leaving the best fibers for paper products.Paper as a medium of communication originated in China around 105 AD and was made from vegetable fibers.The Spanish learned how to make paper around 1150 AD, marking the first paper industry in Europe.


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