Postgraduate Coursework Research

All students must familiarise themselves with the Where appropriate, students must obtain ethics clearance prior to commencing their program.

All students undertaking a research component within a Postgraduate Coursework program are required to comply with the ACU .

The adjudicator will recommend a mark based on the examiners’ reports and the thesis. Grades are awarded on the basis of the Research Report or Thesis - Masters as submitted for examination and not on the basis of a version produced after revisions have been made in the light of any examiners’ comments.

Normally the grade of the Thesis - Masters will be calculated on the basis of the average of the marks awarded by the examiners, unless an adjudicator’s mark has been allocated.

Australian and New Zealand universities offer a large number of course options for students considering postgraduate study.

In addition to masters degrees (which can be taught, undertaken by research, or by a combination of the two) there are also graduate and postgraduate diplomas and graduate certificates available.

Postgraduate and graduate diplomas and certificates are generally considered to be less academically demanding than masters, and at some universities are used as pathways to masters study for students who do not initially meet entry requirements for admission to masters.

There are several different types of postgraduate courses available in Australia and New Zealand, just as there are in the UK.

These courses are almost always taught, with very little or no option to undertake research.

These aim to strengthen and develop a student’s knowledge in a particular subject.


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