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This can be attributed to the natural increase in population of these areas through birth or migration of people from rural areas to urban areas. They have potential for industrialization and people migrate from rural areas to urban areas to offer labor to the growing industries.There is also rapid development of rural areas in these areas that transforms them into urban centers.

At the heart of this renaissance is a concern about the underlying character of modern political life and of the way in which space is important to how politics is constituted and practiced.

As a consequence political geography, that branch of geography whose legitimacy rests on its claim to be the most directly concerned with ‘the political’, has undergone a much welcomed sea change.

On the other hand, in developed countries, there is little migration to urban areas due to decentralization of the countries’ economies.

This gives the rural people favorable conditions to stay there.

Most of the rural population in most countries depends on agricultural production in order to survive.

Therefore, the importation of similar low priced food materials as those produced in these countries lead to general reduction in the crops’ prices. Such farmers in most cases abandon their farms and move to urban areas where they look for jobs mostly in the industrial areas.There is also reduced natural population increase through birth than in most of the southern countries. Cities provide employment opportunities to people because of the growth of industries that takes place in them.Most cities also offer people better social facilities and services like entertainment and health care.Anderson, K 2017, 'Chinatown unbound', in L Wong (ed), , University of Western Australia Press, Crawley, pp. Ang, I, Lally, E, Anderson, K, Mar, P & Kelly, M 2011, 'Introduction: what is the art of engagement?', in E Lally, I Ang & K Anderson (eds), , University of Western Australia Press, Crawley, pp. Bushell, R & Anderson, K 2010, 'A clash of cultures or definitions?This is not to suggest that traditional political geography was unconcerned with political theory.We only need to recall the works of such influential turn-of-the-century political theorists as Halford Mackinder (heartland theory), Friedrich Ratzel (author of ) and Peter Kropotkin (idea of decentralised, self-sufficient and ecologically balanced communities) to remind ourselves of the subject’s rich, influential and diverse intellectual heritage.Most rural family farms also produce hardly enough to support their family members with the required food and other basic needs.As a result, some members of such families move to cities and work hard to earn extra income which they send back home to support the needs of their family members.Publication is ongoing from both these projects.1987, Ph D (Geography) University of British Columbia, Canada1977-79, BA Honours (Adelaide)^ Back to top2009: Fellow, Institute of Australian Geographers2008: , NSW Premier's Literary Award for Critical Writing (sponsored by Gleebooks)2008: Queen's University, Canada, Visiting Women's Scholar Award (February)2007: Elected Fellow, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia2007: Distinguished Scholar Award, Ethnic Geography Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers (AAG)2004: Elected Academician, Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences for the UK1996-7: Visiting Scholarship, St Catherine's College, Cambridge1996-7: The Smuts Visiting Fellowship in Commonwealth Studies to Cambridge University1995-6: Senior Research Fellowship, St Peter's College, Oxford1995-6: Leverhulme Trust Visiting Fellowship to the University of Oxford1995: Medal of the Academy of the Social Sciences of Australia 1993: Anderson, K. ‘Colonial narratives of the more-than-animal human: provincializing humanism for the present day’, In M Porr and J Matthews eds.Interrogating human origins: decolonization and the deep past, Routledge.


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