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Comparatively speaking, the most explicitness of those qualities in the image of London of his poetic texts has been manifested in this poem named in London whose shocking images and sounds in both explicit and implicit way has been believed to have been bearing the marks of the major chaos of almost all the social vices in 18 century England in relation to the sound bitterness of the mass at that time.Therefore, the poem London that has been collected into the poetic collection under the title The Songs of Experience emerging at such a time that French Revolution has broke forth to astonish, irritate, and impel the whole world is one of the poems of William Blake that have been infused with or permeated into the textual texture the very kind of epochal typicality that is inclined to make it a microcosm of the social realities of England owing to the destruction of the wars at that historical moment as recorded in the following study of Stopford A.

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Though the poem is set in the London of Blake's time, his use of symbolic characters throughout the piece and anaphoric use of the term "in every" in the first and second stanzas indicate that Blake's backdrop of London is a connotative representation of all the world's cities, whose inhabitants represent all the world's people.And so we ask ourselves the question, who does this truth look beautiful to.“How the youthful Harlots curse Blasts the new born Infants tear, and blights with plagues the Marriage hearse”(lines 14-16).Having children at a young age and while being unmarried is an occurrence we see far too much of today in our own society.In this sense, "London" is a poem about the universal human condition.It would be impossible to paraphrase "London" into prose, for its poetic meaning derives from the ambiguity of connotative language and from the necessity of unresolved paradox.So is it that only a tyrant, a beast, an animal, or a brut be the only soul that can look at poverty or pain and see the beauty in it’s rapture? As this pattern of a deterializing society continues I can only feel sadness and remorse for a society lost to its own greed and corruption.But what I do take from Keats passage is the urge to turn to my brother or sister in any moment of despair, no matter how life is treating them and say “it will be all right”. The reason for his late recognition in the field of poetic criticism is likely to be that he has produced a variety of the image of London that can be used to voice his indignant accusations of the power and authority that have been dominant in the entire epistemology and ideology of the social reality in a cruel and barbarian way in order to speak for the unbearable bitterness of the poor who have been caught in dire poverty in the form of leading a dog’s life all the time.To this extent, the critical values of the poetic texts produced by William Blake lies in the ingenuous image of London he has portrayed in his poetic texts so as to show his relentlessness to make it known to all that the entire society he lives in has been thrown into the intolerable cruelty and brutality that have been deteriorating both the body and soul of the poor based on the valuable social conscience rooted in the fertile lands of his poetic world composed of social conscience, cultural conscience as well as moral conscience in the fashion of poetic criticism rather than poetic sycophantism.Blake saw the pain of this and yet he did not rejoice in its reality, but wept.“And the hapless soldiers sigh Runs in blood down the Palace walls”(lines 11-12). Explain how the truth of families unnecessarily loosing loved ones to war can cause a merry celebration.A war of hatred or greed that was not their war to begin with, but the war of governments that didn’t quite get what they wanted out of a verbal agreement and needed the bloody LIBERTY of going into someone else’s country and take them over.


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