Pink Think By Lynn Peril Essay

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You still see cooking and cleaning toys marketed to girls, and tool kits and action hero toys being marketed to boys - and rumor has it that at one point, a pole-dancing doll circulated the toy dept.

of an unmentioned store, until it was (I imagine) very quickly recalled for an innumerable amount of reasons.

My goodness, it's like something out of Handmaid's Tale or Stepford Wives, and I don't think it's a coincidence that both those books were written by people who were alive at a time when these products and ideas were in full rotation.

And while things are changing, the damage is still there.

Apart from the strange "ONLY BOYS DON'T TAKE CAREFREE" headline in a German ad that appears also elsewhere, I want to show you the similarity of layout but difference in attitude that links these two ads, one German, the other American.. - : The American ad measures 7 1/2 x 10 1/2" (19 x 26.7 cm).



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