Piano Lesson Essay

Both sibling’s side of the argument are reasonable and can be related to elements in Alex Haley’s Roots and Toni Morrison’s Beloved.

It may not be possible to say either side of the argument is right or wrong, but to see which aspect is more justified is certainly viable.

In fact, the ghost becomes even more aggressive, and this is when Boy Willie finally witnesses the ghost and their battle begins.

's chaotic final scene, Berniece has an epiphany.

Although she's only 35, Berniece has already been a widow for three years.

Piano Lesson Essay

After the death of her husband, Crawley, she brought her daughter to Pittsburgh, where she currently lives with her father's brother, Doaker Charles.On the eve of his daughter’s birth Kunta raised her to the heavens and exclaimed, “Behold!The only thing in the universe better than yourself! Then when she grew up he taught her African words and told her to pass them on to her children and to always keep the African in them alive so that all will remember the pain and suffering and pride that their name holds and that no white man could take away.Throughout the play, Boy Willie demanded that he sell the piano.But once he hears his sister play the piano and sing to her deceased relatives, he understands that the musical heirloom is meant to stay with his Berniece and her daughter.She sings for the spirits of her family to help her.As her music becomes more powerful, more insistent, the ghost goes away, the battle upstairs ceases, and even her stubborn brother has a change of heart.Their father died to save that piano and their mother polished it every day of the rest of her widowed life with her sweat, tears, blood.Bernice didn’t want this foolishness of thievery and murder to ever be forgotten, especially because her husband died over stolen hunks of wood as well.Boy Willie’s goal in life is to have a piece of land of his own to farm, something that his father never had.His father farmed all of his life on someone else’s land and got nothing for it, and he didn’t want to go back to that. When Sethe started to kill her babies in the barn after she saw School Teacher coming to take her back to Sweet Home she was demonstrating this idea.


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