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I cover this in more depth in Session 281 of s you get later in the cycle, there’s a decreasing number of seats available and an increasing number of applicants in the pool.

This is different than applying to college, which is a deadline-driven process.

As long as your application is in by the deadline, you’re just as good as everybody else that applied. So the earlier you turn in your primary application and the sooner you’re done with your secondary essays, the sooner your MCAT score is in, the sooner your letters of recommendation are in, and the sooner your application is complete, you have a better chance that the schools will look at your application while they still have plenty of interview spots open.

You need to do some research and come up with a list of programs at each of the medical schools, or student organizations at each of the medical schools.

If you want to join a specific program at that school because of the impact you see it having, talk about that. Mention very specific types of things or types of research.

We have compiled a Medical School Secondary Essay Database, with prompts from all the medical schools.

Look up the schools you’re applying to, and if your primary application is submitted, get started on your secondaries.

You don’t want to be that student who sends a secondary essay to NYU that says “I would love to be part of Columbia Medical School next year.” Be sure to edit it and have somebody look over your stuff.

Copy and paste all you want, but then put it aside for the day, and go back and check the next day.

If you’re asking how to pre-write your essays when the schools haven’t sent them to you yet, the good news is most schools don’t change their essays from year to year.

There are a few exceptions, but most schools don’t.


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