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15, 1959; they bound and gagged all family members, then shot each one in the head.They left with to in cash and Kenyon’s transistor radio.

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The last inmates hanged in Kansas were not Hickock and Smith but serial killers James Latham and George York, who murdered seven people in five states. Capote mentioned York and Latham in his book but only because they shared Death Row with Hickock and Smith.

“Latham and York--their case is barely known in Kansas,” Heinemann said.

But these are dreadful enemies you carry within yourself--in time destructive as bullets. This other bacteria, permitted to age, does not kill a man but leaves in its wake the hulk of a creature torn and twisted; there is still fire within his being but it is kept alive by casting upon it faggots of scorn and hate.

He may successfully accumulate, but he does not accumulate success, for he is his own enemy and is kept from truly enjoying his achievements.” ― “Once a thing is set to happen, all you can do is hope it won't. As long as you live, there’s always something waiting, and even if it’s bad, and you know it's bad, what can you do?

He is suspicious and distrustful of others, tends to feel that others discriminate against him, and feels that others are unfair to him and do not understand him.

He is overly sensitive to criticism that others make of him, and cannot tolerate being made fun of.He is quick to sense slight or insult in things others say, and frequently may misinterpret well-meant communications.He feels the great need of friendship and understanding, but he is reluctant to confide in others, and when he does, expects to be misunderstood or even betrayed.“We can look at it through our own lenses and substantiate our own viewpoints.”This legislative session, Kansas is closer than ever to restoring the death penalty.Each house of the Legislature has passed its own bill, and a joint conference committee is studying the significantly different versions. Joan Finney personally opposes capital punishment but has promised to let a bill become law without her signature. Supreme Court declared all death penalty laws unconstitutional in 1972, Kansas executed prisoners by hanging.It isn't a question of faithfulness to your own concepts; it is a matter of compromise so that you can remain an individual without the constant threat of conventional pressures.” ― “Her bedroom window overlooked the garden, and now and then, usually when she was "having a bad spell," Mr.Helm had seen her stand long hours gazing into the garden, as though what she saw bewitched her.In evaluating the intentions and feelings of others, his ability to separate the real situation from his own mental projections is very poor.He not infrequently groups all people together as being hypocritical, hostile, and deserving of whatever he is able to do to them.Akin to this first trait is the second, an ever -present, poorly controlled rage--- easily triggered by any feelings of being tricked, slighted, or labeled inferior by others. The land is flat, the views are awesomely extensive; horses, herds of cattle, a white cluster of grain elevators rising as gracefully as Greek temples are visible long before a traveler reaches them.” ― “Sorrow and profound fatigue are at the heart of Dewey's silence.For the most part, his rages in the past have been directed at authority figures (297).” ― “The village of Holcomb stands on the high wheat plains of western Kansas, a lonesome area that other Kansans call ‘out there.’ . It had been his ambition to learn "exactly what happened in that house that night." Twice now he'd been told, and the two versions were very much alike, the only serious discrepancy being that Hickock attributed all four deaths to Smith, while Smith contended that Hickock had killed the two women.


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