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The cost of teenage pregnancy also cannot be ignored.Pregnancy is one of the wonderful periods of woman’s life, as she enjoys each and every moment of it in delightful anticipation to hold the child in her arms.

In a way, teenage pregnancy is the serious issue, which causes significant negative effects for teen parents, their children, and other family members.

Overall, it creates a drastic impact on the society.

The teenage pregnancy affects the teen mothers, their children, and the society in general.

Teenage mothers usually have lower education and income, compared to those who delay their childbearing.

Also, it brings positive atmosphere and joyful feeling among her close-ones.

On the contrary, teenage pregnancy has been considered as a burden, not only to the girl, but also to her family.

In the US, 34% of girls get pregnant at least once, prior to the age of 20.

Less than 33% of teen mothers complete their high school education and only 1.5% complete their college education.

Even when they are not fully prepared for any sexual relationship, they get involved in it to appear sophisticated and cool among their peers.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than 29% of teenage pregnant girls have reported that they felt pressured to involve in sexual intercourse, and 33% pregnant teens have stated that though they were not ready for a sexual relationship, they went ahead, in order to avoid rejection or ridicule (Langham, 2010).


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