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If a researcher is very good in mathematical modelling, then the research project selected ought to be in cloud cryptography, power optimisation, energy optimisation, security or any topic that has mathematical functions.In case of a strong background in algorithm design, research work can be done in scheduling, trusted architectures, load balancing or related fields.

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Also, since Type 2 hypervisors depend on an OS, they are not in full control of the end user’s machine.

Hypervisors in the industry The table below gives a few examples of hypervisors and the corresponding cloud service provider companies.

By using this technology, there is no risk of corrupting the host operating system.

These hypervisors are directly installed on the hardware without the need for any other operating system.

Type 2 (hosted) hypervisors execute within a conventional operating system environment.

With the hypervisor layer as a distinct second software level, guest operating systems run at the third level above the hardware.

A virtual machine or VM is the software implementation of any computing device, machine or computer that executes the series of instructions or programs as a physical (actual) machine.

When a user or developer works on a VM, the resources, including all programs installed on the remote machine, are accessible using a specific set of protocols.

A computer on which a hypervisor is running one or more virtual machines is defined as a host machine. The hypervisor presents the guest OSs with a virtual operating platform and manages their execution.

Multiple instances of a variety of OSs may share virtualised hardware resources.


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