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Similarly, if someone described their new friend to you as ‘nice’, you wouldn’t know much about their personality or appearance. If the traveler said ‘you’ve got to see it, it was awe-inspiring, really towering’, you’d have a sense of both the feeling the Colosseum evoked and a sense of its scale.

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You could say, ‘The man was short’ yet readers might ask themselves ‘how short?

’ If you said ‘the man was minute’, this suggests not only that the character is especially small in size but also registers a sense of surprise or shock (given the strength of the descriptive word).

An extrovert, on the other hand, might describe exactly the same scene as exciting and energy-giving.

These differences become important in multi-perspective novels where there are multiple characters’ viewpoints.

18)The details about Bunny’s clothes are an early clue to Bunny’s character, as it later emerges that although he claims his family is wealthy he perpetually borrows money from his friends.

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The loudness of his voice suggests an unconscious character.One of the important functions of description in narration is that it gives us information about the viewpoint character doing the describing.A fearful character entering a crowded house party might describe the noise and action in terms that suggest being overwhelmed.Whether you’re describing a ramshackle old building or a vivacious, sprightly character, use descriptive language that conveys nature or character along with appearance.Here, for example, Donna Tartt describes the Greek lecturer Julian at Hampden College in :‘His eyes were kind, frank, more gray than blue.’Although Tartt includes colour, the emphasis is on what Julian’s eyes say about his personality, not only his appearance.In the back of the room was a marble fireplace, big as a sepulchre, and a globed gasolier – dripping with prisms and strings of crystal beading – sparkled in the dim.(p.89)Tartt’s description conveys the character of the house acutely, contrasting the dim of its vastness and uninhabited mood with its splendour (light fittings ‘dripping with prisms’).This is ineffective as description for two reasons: Eye colour doesn’t give us any information about a character’s personality (although red eyes may suggest a character has been crying and red irises are a clichéd sign of supernatural malevolence).The second reason why eye colour by itself isn’t effective is that this aspect of physical appearance lacks substantial variety (unless you examine eyes from inches away).Describe the scene from the viewpoint of one of the active protesters, then describe the same scene from the viewpoint of a jaded academic watching from the sidelines who is skeptical.Think about how each might describe their surrounds and bystanders or participants.


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