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Maybe you’re the leader of a school club and you want to highlight that experience by describing your personal sense of responsibility to the other group members.You might also say that you are responsible for your family’s well-being as you work after school to contribute to rent or help take care of your live-in grandparents.Notably, it gives you the opportunity to talk about your family.

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Maybe you want to join their Culinary Appreciation and Outreach Society.

Do they have a Race and Gender in Reality TV class that you would love to take? Lastly, remember to connect your own experiences to the ones you hope to have at Notre Dame.

It is the tragic figure of Quasimodo, however, that gives the novel its mythic resonance, and...

Home to a fine athletic tradition, Notre Dame knows the importance of a good warm-up.

It is not difficult to account for the popularity of this tale.

The carefully drawn picture of the underworld of Paris, the various love triangles which interlock the classes and estates of the medieval world--all this provides a rich fictional tapestry.In revenge, Quasimodo throws the priest to his death from one of the towers of Notre Dame, after which the hunchback disappears from Paris.His whereabouts remain a mystery until years later, when, in a search of the vault where criminals were once buried, the bones of a disfigured man are found wrapped around the disintegrated corpse of a woman dressed as the gypsy.This is where you prove that you have done your homework on Notre Dame.Feel free to explore their website for little bits of information that excite you.As with any other why essay, your goal here isn’t simply to regurgitate facts from the admissions highlights page.Take your research to the next level and dig for the kinds of classes and opportunities that spark your interest.Through a series of tales of thwarted love, the novel reveals a tragic story of medieval Paris.The deformed Quasimodo, befriended by the Archdeacon of Notre Dame, Frollo, falls in love with the gypsy dancer, Esmeralda, who in turn is enamored of the aristocratic soldier, Phoebus, who once saved her life.Listen, cannibals are scary, but right now you should specifically be concerned about college essay cannibalism!This prompt could practically be a sub-question to the main why essay, and if these principles matter to you, you will need to be careful about where you address them.


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