My Son The Fanatic Essay

My Son The Fanatic Essay-62
Although he might not have followed his religion to a T he had clear ideas on what was right and wrong.

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In school “the Maulvi had attached a string to the ceiling and tied it to Parvez’ hair to stop him from falling asleep, while he was studying the Koran.” This most likely caused Parvez to turn away from his strict religion.

Parvez was in no way the ideal Muslim man, he gambles, drinks, makes fun of religion, associates with prostitutes, and as previously stated loves pork.

I finally achieved my dream when I was 30 years old. I arrived in Key West, FL with my elderly mother, and my son of 9 years old.

I was without a change of clothes or a penny in my pocket, but gosh, I had a suitcase full of dreams for me and my family!

Look at us, the killer, the killed,father and son, the same blood-the misery!

My plans, my mad fanatic heart,my son, cut off so young!Parvez was very close with his son, and even considered their relationship like one between brothers.He seemed to live through his son, and in turn had a lot of dreams for his son to achieve.Ali, most likely trying to satisfy his father, got straight A’s, played cricket, football, and swam.He also had a lot of friends and a girlfriend; he was living his father’s English dream.Although Parvez was not a good Muslim, he was good man, which his son failed to see.On more than one occasion he saved his friend Bettina, a prostitute, from a violent client.Kureishi explores issues of identity, religion, and a father’s love for his son.Parvez, an English Punjabi taxi driver, has adapted to a new way of life so much so that he eats pork, a forbidden food in Muslim religion.Parvez seemingly has lived in Britain for nearly twenty years; he has greatly adapted to British culture and lived a happy and free life.He was born in Lahore where he was taught the Koran.


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