My Research Proposal

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Perhaps there was a time where more “literary” majors were considered the real norm and people within areas of science were more prone to ridicule?

The first problem I may face is with the interview and its wording; certain ways of saying things may imply certain answers and may create bias in answers.

TO ME: This research would have great meaning to me personally because this has been something that has bothered me ever since I came to AUC; the discovery of the reasons behind it may make it seem more acceptable or, at the very least, to me.

TO OTHERS: This is an interesting field of research that will undoubtedly be of interest to anyone in college since this is a universal concept that everyone is exposed to.

The ridiculous amount of stereotyping I’ve received in my 1 year (only) stay at AUC prompted me to wonder: what makes people think this?

Stereotypes are, typically, based upon some kind of generalized action or perceived quality of the stereotyped group.In my research, I want to basically explore 4 questions: 1) what are certain stereotypes attached to certain majors?(I’m going to limit myself to 3-5 majors do people rely so heavily on them?I am planning to interview as much people as a can within the AUC population.I’m also planning to create a distinction between Foreigners’ replies and Egyptians’ replies in order to later on cross-reference them and determine whether this kind of stereotyping has something to do with the kind of culture one is used.My second difficulty is the kind of pure objectivity this research requires in order to present facts about different stereotypes that are independent from yours.This requires a certain amount of awareness while writing the research paper or reaching any conclusions. English majors are book freaks, Biology majors are studious and nerdy, Art majors are supposedly “creative”; and the list goes on and on. ” The sheer presumptuousness of that phrase describes the essence of ‘Major Stereotypes’; something that is slowly spreading throughout the AUC community like an infectious disease.Also, the arrangement of the questions matter to the answer to be given.In order to avoid this, I have to be very careful with my wording and make sure that any noticeable biases certain questions give are amended.


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