Music Business Plans

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With modern technologies, most artists can start with little overhead.

Most artists already have the basic equipment for our art.

If you started any other type of business without an accountant or an attorney to guide you, you would be looked at as crazy; however, in the world of art, you are looked at as crazy if you start with them.

This is a big disconnect, and you should approach your artistic career from a more logical point of view.

Unfortunately, most starting or “indie” artists try to make a push with only their art, and the business part can be a crushing blow, causing them to feel burned out.

Starting as an indie artist myself, I worked hard, had some luck, and my accomplishments led to me serving as a consultant to many successful entertainment artists and companies.

Be able to calculate your expenses, know how much to sell to cover your costs, and make sure your mark-up is normal.

Many artists follow the average value when selling a product, while some are delusional about the product’s value.

Also, don’t forget when you make your expense sheets, it needs to be for everything, not just your business costs, but your life.

If this is going to be your job, you need to pay for life as well.


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