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And these multigenre papers that we read, how did these people open their papers that invited you in? My students largely skip the introductions, but I want them to do an opening piece that will take the reader by the hand and introduce your subject and bring them into the paper.I think doing an introduction or a preface in many cases is crucial for a multigenre paper so you can lay some things out for the reader; not too long because you don't want them to stop reading. Listen to Tom (mp3) Back Unifying themes in multigenre papers There's another aspect of multigenre that I think is difficult and that's the idea of unity in a multigenre paper; or, integration, one of my colleagues at Miami calls it.

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So one of the students did a multigenre project on Ernest Hemingway and she brought her project in an Ernest Hemingway strongbox. I never ceased to be amazed at how teachers take the concept of multigenre in ways that I never imagined.

So you opened up the strongbox for Hemingway and there were all of these genres then, letters and wedding announcements and divorce announcements, of course, for Ernest Hemingway. There's a teacher in San Antonio, Texas, who teaches ninth-graders, named Becky Hoegg. For her presentation the girl comes into the classroom early and sets it up with art easels and art of Monet's work.

When they started to package their multigenre project in a unique way.

There was one teacher I found out about who, in Oklahoma, packaging was a very important part of the project.

Once they start to write, the writing generates more writing.

The more writing they do, the more ideas they get for other genres they can put into their paper.

What happens is they start writing, sometimes exclusively, expository essays.

Nothing wrong with expository essays, much of the stuff that I write, that's what I write a lot of.

Unlike a traditional research paper, it is more often a powerfully moving paper filled to overflowing with the writer’s own voice.

My approach to multi-genre writing has been directly influenced by Tom Romano, author of Blending Genres, Altering Style.


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