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Staff and students may borrow AV equipment ie cameras, voice recorder and related accessories for official business from SASS by downloading the Equipment Sign Off Form and adhering to the borrowing terms and condition.The Monash University is a public university established in 1958 located in Melbourne, Australia.There is an allowance for 10% or -10% of the 7000 word limit. Upload your report into a previous Moodle class and do a check with Turnitin. Ensure that your report similarity percentage does not exceed 10%.

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The University has more than forty five thousand undergraduates and seventeen thousand postgraduates’ students.

In the first batch of this University,there were three hundred fifty seven students, and this figure improved in following year.

Outcome (30% approximately 2100 words)  To what extent the function/department current practices are adding value to the whole company as a whole.

 How firm’s current practices are adding value to the stakeholders? Conclusion (10% approximately 700 words)  A written summary of the report Part A: Important things to note 1.

An assignment cover sheet is a paper used by students when completing assignments at university for their courses.

These coversheets generally contain metadata about the assignment (such as the name of the student and the course number). Other types of data may be included, depending on the needs of the course.Undertake a complete and final quality control check on your assignment by ensuring there are no spelling, grammatical or formatting errors. The word count for the Individual assignment is 7000 words.You should perform a final word count on the assignment.This includes table of contents, executive summary, introduction, discussion, conclusion and any appendices.The only exception would be the cover page and reference list at the end of the assignment – this does not have to be included in the total word count.Content analysis Part A (30% approximately 2100 words)  Compare actual practices with theory learned in the university  How theory learned in the university aligns with the real work in practice.Part B (20% approximately 1400 words)  Critical review of work experience and knowledge gained ( refer to your log book) iii.Note that the number of words in the assignment is not an indication of its quality. You understand that signing the cover sheet means you have taken all necessary precautions to ensure that all aspects of the assignment has not been copied or plagiarized. For softcopy submission: Email the documents listed below to Dr Puspa ([email protected]) by 5.00 PM (Malaysia Time) on your stipulated submission date: a. To avoid plagiarism and the penalties involved, ensure all sources of information drawn on in the assignment are referenced adequately and consistently. Layout  Assessment Cover Sheet  Title page  Table of contents  Executive Summary  Introduction  Content analysis  Outcome  Conclusion  References  Appendices (weekly signed log book)  Turnitin Report 2.Marks will be allocated for the substance and clarity of the work, not for its length. A copy of your WPP report in Microsoft Word format. Formatting  Font: 12 point Times New Roman  Spacing: 1.5 spacing  Page margins: minimum of 1.5cm  Very Important: fully justify text  Sub-headings 3.At we provide online assignments help to all the difficulties that you face in your academics.Our Monash University expert writers provide excellent quality online assignment help before the deadlines.


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