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Mill stated that utilitarianism is hand in hand with the natural sentiments that originate from the social nature of people.Therefore, people would view these standards as morally binding if the society were to embrace utilitarianism.People have always tried to find the basis of morality but have not been successful.

According to John the main base of morality is happiness and people always desire happiness.

He supported this statement through proving that other objects of desires of people were either means to achieve happiness or include the definition of happiness.

Dissected and debated since its first appearance, the essay is Mill's key discussion on the topic and remains a fundamental text in the study of ethics.

There are various discussions about utilitarianism but the most discussed one is the fact that, it is held to be the view that morally right action is the action that produces the most good.

Mill has argued a lot about utilitarianism with the aim of making people to better understand and appreciate the theory of utilitarianism and also prove it is a moral theory.

However, according to him utilitarianism cannot be proven.Mills also stated that things such as one’s achievement of goals should be considered as part of their happiness.John argues about utilitarianism with the sole aim of supporting the value of the theory as a moral theory.Reissued here in its corrected second edition of 1864, this essay by John Stuart Mill argues for a utilitarian theory of morality.Originally printed as a series of three articles in Fraser's Magazine in 1861, the work sought to refine the 'greatest happiness' principle that had been championed by Jeremy Bentham, defending it from common criticisms, and offering a justification of its validity.Utilitarianism argues that one has to maximize the overall good, consider both his own good as well as the good of others.Two well-known philosophers, John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham, identified the good with pleasure and also argued that we need to maximize the good.Some of the reasons being that: the theory does not provide adequate protection for individual rights; happiness is more complex than it is depicted in the theory and not everything can be measured by the same standard.Mill stated that there is very minimal progress made in developing a set of standards of judging moral right and wrong.Despite of this, he states that in the field of science certain truths still have meaning even if the principle behind them is not understood.However, in other fields such as ethics such truths or statements has very little validity.


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