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In these instances the mentor will discuss the scope and limitations of what can be offered with you . There are a number of standard business tools such as business and marketing plans that you can download. Keep in mind these resources are designed to be used in conjunction with a mentor and this is the best way to gain the full benefit of any resources and templates on offer. It will depend on several factors and your Mentor will help you assess the ideal date for your next meeting.

Is my Mentor allowed to undertake additional paid work from me in addition to the mentoring sessions? Each Mentor signs a Code of Ethics when joining SBMS with one of the clauses prohibiting a Mentor from gaining any commercial benefit from their mentoring work.

However, Mentors are able to take on additional sessions and in some instances, depending on need, can offer extended mentoring where they assist in doing rather than advising.

We strongly recommend all joint owners are present (as a minimum) for the first session at least to ensure the process starts off without any misunderstandings.

There is no reason to restrict asking employees to join sessions if this suits the issues under discussion but this should be kept to one or two only otherwise it becomes difficult to remain focused on any key issues at hand. Action Items are not onerous but will assist you in clarifying issues and gaining more insight into your business.

The live video conference class begins September 23.

In the world of business, lots of services are available but I found that working with Passion for Business, I not only got excellent service but I also got positive business results. One way to get additional assistance in both the planning and implementation stages is to reach out to a national mentoring organization or collaborate with other community organizations, schools, businesses, and programs in order to access resources and learn from the experiences of others. It is therefore essential that these aspects are kept between you and the Mentor. To be of benefit the mentoring will touch on very confidential and sometimes personal issues.Please see our Privacy and Confidentiality Statement. No, you pay for the number of Mentoring sessions regardless of which Mentors you use.In fact we encourage you to change mentors to ensure you get the best possible help for different areas of your business.The best mentor for you initially may focus on one area of your business, but ultimately assist you in identifying another area where help from a specialist Mentor is best suited.Learn more about my programs and choose the program that's perfect for you.Let's set up a 30-minute conversation to determine which of my business-building programs is right for you and your unique business situation.It's about creating success and reaching your potential in your business by gaining clarity on your business vision, and finding a direct path to your goals.Read the article: What's the Difference Between a Small Business Coach and a Consultant?


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