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The recent performance of female sportspeople far outshines the efforts of their male counterparts, and there are more potential successes on the horizon, with the Winter Olympics kicking off in South Korea this month, where at least 50% of Team GB’s medals are expected to be won by female athletes.

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The Football Association’s decision to bring the Women’s FA Cup Final to Wembley was a major draw, as was the sport’s ability to help the brand make a real statement.

“There are some sports you can invest in and you get your sponsorship benefit, but it’s quite a saturated market, whereas we felt within women’s football it wasn’t that saturated.

We could make a pretty big impact in terms of the investment and make a difference,” Banks explains.

SSE has experienced a wave of support from both consumers and staff since signing the four-year deal with the Women’s FA Cup in 2015.

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Another prominent supporter of women’s sport is O2, which in 2016 negotiated a new four-year deal with the Rugby Football Union (RFU) spanning men’s and women’s rugby.“It’s still football and it is the most popular sport in the country, but the women’s game has a family feel and a different dynamic, which is very inclusive.Of course, families and women go to watch men’s football, but it feels a little more male-orientated and more tribal,” Banks adds.Whether we support a men’s team or a women’s team, it is sport to us,” he explains.“For the Old Mutual Wealth Series [of international matches] we had the men and women appear together in one, standalone piece of creative to represent our England Rugby partnership.Yet brands remain reticent to embrace the opportunities of women’s sports.The most recent figures date back to a study of the market between 2011-2013, which found female sports account for a mere 0.4% of total sports sponsorship.For head of sponsorship Gareth Griffiths, getting involved with the England women’s team, the Red Roses, was a no-brainer.“We’re a mass consumer brand and we don’t care about gender.Surging viewing figures and an array of high-profile success stories means women’s sport is riding high in 2018.So why are so many brands neglecting the sponsorship opportunities of this burgeoning sector?


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