Management Consulting Case Study Questions

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In each case, the core concept of Case Study-oriented interviewing has been tweaked to fit the demands and specifics of the relevant firm or industry.

For example, high-tech firms that have adopted this framework tend to ask about technology-oriented cases, while hedge funds and private equity firms use Case Studies that are more investments-oriented.

Case studies offer a method to evaluate who the firm believes will be the best Consultants among many qualified and talented candidates.

In other words: it doesn’t matter how much “raw talent” you have—if you cannot succeed in the Case Studies portion of Consulting interviews, there is a good chance that Consulting may not be the right field for you. Microsoft, Google, etc.) and financial industry firms (such as hedge funds and private equity firms) have followed the Consulting industry’s lead by developing Case Study interview methodologies of their own.

The frameworks will be helpful to answer certain types of cases, depending on the type of case.

In reality, few case interviews or real-life business situations cover just one concept or business problem, so you have to have the flexibility to apply a range of concepts/structures.

Therefore preparing for Case Studies—from becoming comfortable with the concept all the way up to being ready and confident for the Case, whatever it may be—is one of the most important things a prospective Consultant must do in the Consulting recruiting process.

First, let’s ponder an important question: why do Management Consulting firms focus so much on Case Studies as part of the interview process?

It does not hurt, however, to be familiar with them.

Therefore, we include these example frameworks for your reference and encourage you to at least familiarize yourself with the basics of them: There are additional, relatively simple analytical techniques that you should be prepared for in Consulting Case Study interviews.


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