List And Explain The Four Types Of Essay

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Essay definition: “a piece of writing on a particular subject or topic”.This definition is broad and obviously one needs to be curious about the different types of essay subjects that exist.A hook will serve to engage the reader, leaving them wanting more from your work.

Step by step essay: a description of a certain process.

Descriptive essay: an attempt to describe a particular event or idea.

Creating an argument is important, so if you’re going to write one yourself, make sure that you thoroughly research your topic and provide an account which is well-rounded, even if you want to focus on a particular argument.

The types of argumentative essays that are difficult to read are those which do not consider different points of view around the topic.

Narrative writing – one will try and tell a story to their reader.

Persuasive writing – this is when one will try and give reasons for their opinion.

Different types mean that there are different styles of writing and all sorts of genres of writing that need to be understood in order for one to approach an essay. In order to answer this question, we need to start by considering the most common writing types: Descriptive writing – one will try and describe a situation or something to their readers.

Expository writing – this will be about informing or explaining something to the reader.

It is often the case that college confronts one with many different styles of writing and the types of writing styles vary between assignments.

There are also many different genres of writing to consider, so what can be said about all types of college essays in general?


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