Leader Skills Essay

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Always company objectives should match with the candidates and when the company recruits them they have to consider whether that person is fit with the company objectives and whether they are able to achieve the company objectives through the candidate.

According to the Dessler (2008) Company values depend on the company culture and it is important to adapt the employees to the company culture.

Review your personal development plan against the original objectives 10 4.2.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your personal development of leadership and management skills 11 4.3.

According to the Jo (2009) Listening skills, observational skills, communication skills, self development skills and etc can mention under the personal skills and these skills can develop by the manager by himself.

Following figure is mentions some of the leadership skills required by a manager such as managing people, strategies, leading people, knowledge and etc.If the employee is not match with the company culture that person is unable to perform well in that organisation.Therefore management is responsible about this and when they recruit the employees they have to consider this factor.Company culture is highly related with the company's leadership style and based on the culture management has to change the leadership style and the management style.There are different leadership styles which can apply to the organisations and it can be different according to the business type, culture and values of the company.They have to make strategies according to the company objectives.As Dubrin (2008) mentions manager much know the five functions of the management such as planning, staffing, organising, directing and controlling and this is should maintain by the management. Analyse the impact of organisational objectives, values and culture in the leadership and management role 3 1.2.Evaluate the leadership and management skills required to support the achievement of organisational objectives 4 Task 2 5 2.1.Analyse areas for further development and update your personal development plan 11 Conclusion 12 Reference 13 This assignment is about the leadership and the management and through the assignment is covering four tasks.Each of the tasks is different and it is discussed about the organisational objectives and values and its impact on the leadership and management.


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