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MORE To “Kirkpatrick” or not to “Kirkpatrick”, that is the question.

Many a person has debated the Kirkpatrick evaluation taxonomy.

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MORE At the end of Dan Mc Carthy’s blog post , “How to Evaluate a Training Program”, in which he explains his pre-post, survey approach to applying the Kirkpatrick four levels of training evaluation , he asks: Has anyone used a system like this, or something better? It seems like every training, HRD, and HPI manager knows the Kirkpatrick Model even if they don’t know the name of the model or who invented the four levels.

MORE In the fifty years since, his thoughts (Reaction, Learning, Behavior, and Results) have gone on to evolve into the legendary Kirkpatrick’s Four Level Evaluation Model and become the basis on which learning & development departments can show the value of training to the business. Donald Kirkpatrick is one of those few people that have achieved eternity by virtue of their contribution.

A professor emeritus at University of Wisconsin and the creator of the Kirkpatrick Four-level Evaluation Model , Dr.

IACET and Kirkpatrick Partners will kick off their partnership with a free online event, “A Candid Conversation with James Kirkpatrick about Training Evaluation!

” MORE The post Is the Kirkpatrick Model Appropriate for Evaluating Customer Education Programs?

It was while writing his thesis in 1952 that Donald Kirkpatrick became interested in evaluating training programs.

The four-level model developed by Kirkpatrick is now universally used in gauging training effectiveness.


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