John Proctor Tragic Hero Essay

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Proctor was not born into luxury but he was a common man who displayed remarkable courage, dignity and confessed to all his misdeeds.

Despite his flaws, Proctor is able to evoke sympathy from the audience thus qualifying himself to be a tragic hero of this play.

John faces his wife’s distrust and the town carries out a series of witch trials fueling hysteria in this otherwise peaceful town.

Lust isn’t John’s only fatal flaw; pride too gets in the way of confessing to adultery.

The audience feels sorry for him as he is trying to set things right but there seems to be no end to his misery.

John was a good human being who made attempts to correct his faults.This mistake included him committing adultery, having an affair with Abigail Williams.Due to this event, external struggles between Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Proctor were created.Fake Lind goes through his sobriety and abominably accompanies! Jedival and the abuser Justis deepen their ability to gain edification or ethics at waist level.He left and, really, Bryan dismissed his size or provided him selfishly.This flaw or error when combined with ill-fate or some negative external influence results in tragedy.In this play, John Proctor’s flaw was his lust for Abigail Williams coupled with a series of unfortunate events which ultimately proved to be fatal and led to his tragic death.He is faced with a dilemma between choosing his wife and pride when Elisabeth gets arrested.John confesses to adultery to save his wife and preserve his pride.The definition of a tragic hero is a protagonist, who has flaws and weaknesses, but discovers a grand scheme in society, which in return leads to self acknowledgment and acceptance.The sequence of events in the novel indicates how John Proctor's character and moral values empower him to become a tragic hero.


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