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“Jimi Hendrix was one of a number of musicians concerned about what people were doing to the environment,” he says.Maybe, with that “bold as love” legacy in mind, the rock legend’s place in our culture will help to protect these rare plants for as many years as Hendrix’s music continues to play.

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That experience led Mc Cabe, who saw Hendrix perform at the Santa Clara County Folk Rock Festival in 1969, to suggest the name, something he hopes will bring this rare flower—and maybe other plants along with it—some much-needed attention.

“Cute animals easily get publicity, but it is trickier for plants,” Mc Cabe says.

Will Dudleya hendrixii continue to exist as long as its namesake’s memory?

As with any endangered species, there “ain’t no telling” what the future brings, but Mc Cabe hopes that the plant will persist.

One of the things he’s great at is the creation of beauty.

Beauty in music is important, and it’s not always something people think of when they think of Hendrix.” -Joel Brattin Brattin’s love for Hendrix’s music started at age 11.

Will an endangered flower named after musician Jimi Hendrix fade into the purple haze of memory?

Not if the researchers who just discovered it have anything to say about it.

Right now, Mc Cabe says just one organization, a nonprofit called Terra Peninsular, is working to protect the Colonet Mesa region.

He hopes the Hendrix’s liveflower announcement will help them in their efforts to acquire land in the area for conservation purposes, as well as in his own efforts to identify other new species from the region.


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