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However…I made it to the airport and onto the plane on time.

I did have to ditch the Velveeta cheese and can of Rotel I packed (out of fear of not having cheese on the Island! I ended up paying quite a bit extra for the weight of my bags…ah well.

So it happened, what I have talked about for so very long now. Apparently I am going to owe my roommates quite the favor for the way I left things!

This is a little Island off the Southern coast of South Korea. As is the way I roll, I left alot of my “to-do list” till the last-minute.

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I was next to a guy who used to teach in Korea and was headed back to visit friends.

We hit it off and he gave me all sorts of tips and places to visit.

Probably the best part of the flight, besides getting to watch the Footloose remake, uh yeah, was when we flew over Russia. It was so bright that I couldn’t look out the window for more than 30 seconds at a time.

The flight attendant informed us that last week there had been volcanoes going off as they flew over. Once I landed in Seoul, I had to take a bus to another airport in Gimpo which would take me to the Island.


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