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Some Reflections on Basic Issues Concerning the Responsibility of International Organizations Antônio A. The Process of Law-Making: the Law Relating to International Organizations as an Example Kenneth Keith 3.Codification, Progressive Development, or Scholarly Analysis? The Art of Packaging the ILC’s Work Product Sean D. International Organizations are Definitely Not States: Cursory Remarks on the ILC Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations Alain Pellet 5.

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Assessment and reporting processes shape student, parent and community beliefs about learning – sometimes in unintended ways.

HTML | PDF Higher maths ability is often believed to go hand-in-hand with greater levels of general intelligence.

It has long been known that elite athletes mentally rehearse each performance prior to its execution.

Advances in neuroscience show why this may be so important: the neurological processes involved in visualising a performance are almost identical to those involved in the performance itself.

In December 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the International Law Commission's articles on the responsibility of international organizations, bringing to conclusion not only nearly ten years of reflection by the Commission, governments and organizations on this specific topic, but also decades of study of the wider subject of international responsibility, which had initially focused on State responsibility.

Parallel to this reflection by the Commission, diplomats and public officials, the body of international case-law and literature on the many facets of the topic has steadily been growing.

The latest international assessment of students’ mathematical, scientific and reading literacy – the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) – shows that the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students has remained the same for the last decade.

In short, Indigenous 15-year-olds remain approximately two-and-a-half years behind their non-Indigenous peers in schooling.

This essay provides a précis of the results and analysis of some of the issues; and discusses a range of implications for policy and practice.

HTML | PDF The approaches we take to assessing learning, the kinds of tasks we assign and the way we report success or failure at school send powerful messages to students not only about their own learning, but also about the nature of learning itself.


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