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' Working longer hours in order to gain a profit is essential in a post-industrial society.' A culture of overwork is therefore encouraged to gain more money in order to satisfy ones needs and wants.The role of the peasants in the Industrial Revolution was to grow a lot of crops and so on.

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' An increase in the bureaucratic regulation of all aspects of social life.

' In post-industrial society workers, work more hours than hunters and gatherers ever did.

Businesses appeared and the concept of corporation emerged. ' An increase in services such as retail, finance, insurance, banking and professional business services.

Large companies would come together and produce great ideas in order to make a profit. ' Certain technological innovation and science factors are implemented.

It brought positive and negative effects to the world and the people living in it.

Inventions, ideas, and new ways of transportation were all positive outcomes of this revolution.The Industrial Revolution is known as a period in which fundamental changes occurred in agriculture, textiles and metal manufacture.This period destroyed the old manner of doing things.Many things occurred gradually during the years 17.1760 is the year in which Industrial Revolution occurred.Pollution, mass population growth, and child labor were the negatives.This revolution was called "The Industrial Revolution".Merchants usually reduced the number of workers to avoid the higher wages.The merchant capitalist found it difficult to convince peasants workers to increase the output.' Owners and managers want employees to work longer and harder in order to reach the certain goals placed for the particular business at a specific timeframe.' The sad reality of today's work is that workers are demanded to work more under pressure with little remuneration.


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