Importance Of School Education Essay

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This growth, and the profits it brings, will help us invest in improving education for everyone—creating a better world for us all.

Countless words are written daily about the importance of education.

Further, education is the sole basis on which future of the human race depends.

Our quest for knowledge is unending and will continue till planet Earth exists. In broader terms, education means acquiring various skills in diverse fields that are vital to our life and very existence.

The importance of education can also be seen from the fact that less educated people do smaller jobs and earn lesser salary.

All great leaders of this world, scientists, doctors and engineers are educated people.Together with our global community, we aim to empower the lives of 200 million learners annually by 2025 through: Access: We will help enable access to high quality education leading to defined learner outcomes.Since launching our efficacy journey publicly in 2013, more than 80 of our biggest and most strategic products are well on their way to making improvements or helping Pearson grow on a global scale.If we need to work, our employers will ask about our education.When getting married, the bride or groom’s family will also ask our educational qualifications.Education is also important for us to defend ourselves and our country. They teach us how to speak our native tongue and identify things around us.Teachers and professors play a very important role in our life by teaching us various important and specialized subjects.Everyone speaks about education and its importance. These skills can be acquired by classroom training and during course of our life.Classroom education is generally deemed as formal education.The importance of education can be understood from one fact that educated people live happier life than those who are uneducated.With good education we can make a great career and get more money.


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