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The company has been following the policy of integrating IT framework and cloud, to attain higher profitability from market transitions.IBM Corporation assists in creating values for its clients by enabling new capabilities that transform their businesses and help them to engage with their customers efficiently.I believe that this is an ideal software for organizations lookimg to systemize its data and work using dependent as well as independent variables.

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However, if you’re looking for exceptional graphics, then this might not be the one for you.

Even someone without in-depth knowledge of programming can use this software. It not only creates predictive models but also performs other analytical tasks.

SPSS is used by market researchers, health researchers, survey companies, government entities, education researchers, marketing organizations, data miners, and many more for the processing and analyzing of survey data.

While Survey Gizmo has powerful built-in reporting features, when it comes to in-depth statistical analysis researchers consider SPSS the best-in-class solution.

Fun fact: The data from any survey collected via Survey Gizmo can be exported to SPSS for detailed analysis. SAV format makes the process of pulling, manipulating, and analyzing data clean and easy.

By doing so, SPSS will automatically set up and import designated variable names, variable types, titles, and value labels, meaning that minimal legwork is required from researchers.Officially dubbed IBM SPSS Statistics, most users still refer to it as SPSS.As the world standard for social science data analysis, SPSS is widely coveted due it’s straightforward and English-like command language and impressively thorough user manual.In addition to the four programs mentioned above, SPSS also provides solutions for data management, which allow researchers to perform case selection, create derived data, and perform file reshaping.SPSS also offers the feature solution of data documentation, which allows researchers to store a metadata dictionary.SPSS’s Text Analytics for Surveys program helps survey administrators uncover powerful insights from responses to open ended survey questions.SPSS’s Visualization Designer program allows researchers to use their data to create a wide variety of visuals like density charts and radial boxplots with ease.IBM is one of the prominent players, providing IT products and services worldwide.It has direct as well as an indirect presence in over 170 countries, with R&D centers in over 10 countries employing around 3,000 researchers bringing about innovations.Evaluation of the behavior of dependent and independent variables for linear regression analysis makes it easy to compile reports, further enabling easier decision making.It is also extremely user-friendly, with each icon distinctly visible.


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