Human Cloning Essay

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The most talked about type of cloning from a media and awareness standpoint is Reproductive Cloning; it is an asexual means of reproduction by which genetically identical copies of organisms are created.

Many plants can do this naturally, but scientists are now able to artificially recreate this technique with animals and even humans.

Many religious, social, and political groups claim that this research is equivalent to killing unborn children.

In their opinion, it is immoral to remove protection from an innocent human life and cause it harm when it cannot defend itself.

Her existence proved that a new being can be created using adult cells.

Human Cloning Essay

Unfortunately, Dolly aged rapidly, developing arthritis and other health problems at a very young age. Although movies and books sometimes make it seem like human cloning would only lead to an army of clones taking over the world and destroying mankind, there must be a scientific reason that this topic is being researched.

A sheep named Dolly was the first mammal to be cloned using the DNA from other adult sheep.

A team of scientists in Edinburg, Scotland who were hoping to discover if it was possible to create livestock with particular genetic traits created Dolly.

The controversy and ethical questions surrounding stem cells derive from the fact that these cells may be taken from human embryos.

While the cells are being replicated for the benefit of humans who suffer from diseases, cancer, infertility, etc., they do so at the cost of a fertilized human egg.


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