How To Write Thesis Statements For Research Papers

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Even this preliminary version will guide your research.

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It’s not a debating game or legal proceeding, in which you present only the facts that help your side.

It’s not a public relations exercise, where you spin everything to fit some preconceived notion. Rather, it is your distinctive viewpoint and your conclusions, backed by logical arguments and buttressed by evidence you have assembled, all of it presented honestly, without bias.

Your final thesis statement may not be ready until you are near the end of the project.

To develop a clear thesis statement, you’ll need to revise and update your paragraph as your research develops. With revision, discussion, and research, your initial perspective can mature into your thesis argument.

It often requires you to write better than the turgid academic articles you’ve plowed through, where ideas are cloaked in jargon. Don’t let them mislead you into thinking this is the only way to sound intelligent or present a research paper. You can do that by stating clearly which authors and which perspectives you are drawing on, and which ones you reject.

It’s helpful to readers if you differentiate your argument from others and identify these alternatives with specific scholars. .” The emphasis, however, should be on developing your own position and evaluating it honestly and rigorously.But for now, let’s concentrate on developing your main argument. No matter how complicated and subtle your overall research paper, your argument should be expressed in clear, pointed language.A reader should be able to say, “I agree with that” or “That just can’t be right!The main argument of a book or paper is also called its “thesis.” A thesis statement is your take on the subject, and every research paper should have one.You may also have some secondary arguments in your paper, covering subsidiary points.This reasoned viewpoint—this argument—is your thesis statement.An argument is your reasoned perspective on the main subject of your research paper, supported by logic or evidence, all presented fairly.If you can explain both in a straightforward, accessible way, you pass with flying colors.If you can do it before you reach the fourth floor, you are well on your way to a great thesis statement. A specifically bourgeois economic ethic had grown up.” To frame an argument like this requires some serious thinking to boil down your views and some intellectual bravery to state them directly, without weasel words. It takes time to develop your viewpoint and the reasoning behind it, to turn a tentative thesis into a fully developed one.It demands careful thinking about how to support it and how to respond to skeptics. Once you have developed an argument, it’s important to show how it fits into your field of study.


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