How To Solve The Blue Screen Problem In Windows 7

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New insights can help others, or maybe we can help you with specific STOP errors.

Windows 10 too has the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or Stop Error screen that appears when you are in the middle of something, upgrading the operating system, when booting or simply working on your PC.

It would be better if you use the installation media provided by Microsoft to upgrade. It should help you get around BSOD while upgrading to Windows 10. In the first scenario, you can access the desktop while in the second, the Blue Screen of Death won’t even let you reach the desktop and you are stuck in a loop of computer restarts.

The in-place upgrade takes too much time and might again cause a problem. The main reasons why BSOD appears are: If you can access the desktop, go to Settings and then Windows Updates.

Outdated, incorrect or corrupt drivers can cause the system to encounter a STOP error, resulting in the BSOD.

So the easiest way to try and fix a blue screen error is to reinstall and update your system’s device drivers.From there, you have to run the upgrade installer again.You will not be stuck with a half installed Windows 10.However, if updating device drivers does not fix the blue screen error, there are a number of additional things to try: A complete list of error codes can be found on the Microsoft MSDN website.Please share your own experiences with blue screen of death errors, including possible solutions.In the Computer Management window select Event Viewer.The information in the event log can be of great help to isolate the cause of the blue screen error.The file name in the blue screen of death can help identify the driver. Such tools will accurately identify your computer hardware, including any device causing an error, and automatically install the latest drivers for it.In most cases updating or reinstalling drivers will solve your blue screen errors.The event log can be viewed using the event viewer.Right-click Computer in the Start menu, and then select Manage.


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